Earlobe Repair

There are many causes of split earlobes and widened ear piercing holes. Earrings can lengthen the piercing hole, and heavier earrings can eventually pull through over time.

Split earlobes can even occur in people who don’t have their ears pierced. Sometimes clip-on earrings that are too tight can restrict blood flow to the earlobe, leading to necrosis (or death) of part of the earlobe, causing it to split. Some ear piercings may also be purposefully stretched in order to accommodate large gauge ear tunnels. Congenital defects may also result in split earlobes and these can be easily repaired.

The good news is that this is something that can be reversed.

Split Earlobe Reversal and Repair

In order to correct a split earlobe, a widened piercing hole or a stretched ear piercing, a surgical procedure is necessary.  First, the area is cleaned with an antiseptic. In order to numb the area, a local anesthesia is injected into or around the area that will be repaired. During the surgery, a small amount of skin surrounding the split or widened hole is removed and re-stitched back together.

Depending on the type of stitching material used, you may have to return for suture removal. Some sutures are absorbed by the body and do not need to be removed.

If you’re interested in having your split earlobe, widened piercing hole or stretched ear piercings reversed or repaired, arrange for a consultation with one of our providers.