Eyelash Perming

It may be an optical illusion, but upturned eyelashes look longer than straight ones. Putting a kink at the lash line of your fringe not only gives you fuller, longer-looking lashes, it helps your eyes look larger and wider too!

How does eyelash perming work?

Your lashes are first coated with a special adhesive and wrapped around mini foam rollers or heated clips. This holds them in the curled position that you want to achieve. As you squeeze your eyes tightly shut, a perming solution or cream is applied to your eyelashes with a tiny brush, then your roller-wrapped fringe is covered in plastic wrap. The solution stays on for about five minutes. After the perming solution takes full effect, a neutralizing solution goes on. More plastic wrap is applied. After a few minutes, you have curled lashes! A visit takes about 45 minutes.

What are the results of an eyelash perm?

The curl in your lashes will last anywhere from four weeks to three months. As your lashes grow and fall out (the life cycle of lashes is about 60 to 120 days), the effects become less noticeable.