Skin Care

Get on the path to fabulous, flawless skin!

We all want healthy, radiant skin. It can be achieved through a good daily skin care routine. Looking beyond eating and sleeping well, you’ll also need to use the right combination of products consistently in the right order.

Applying your skin care products in the proper order ensures that your skin gets the full benefit of each product. Only a very small amount of the key ingredients in each product you use will penetrate the skin (even when it’s perfectly formulated and applied). If you don’t apply products in the correct order, you will not see the best results. Here are the steps you should take to make sure that your skin care regimen is working the  for you:

1) Remove Your Makeup

Put as much care into removing your makeup as you do in putting it on. Wipe off your lipstick. Gently lift away mascara. De-smoke your smoky eyes with classic makeup remover, cleansing wipes, or cleansing oil.  If you have oily skin, you may want to steer clear of cleansing oils.

2) Cleanse

Serums, night creams, and anti-aging treatments are luxurious. However, these formulas won’t work if they aren’t applied on a clean canvas. Make sure that you clean your face thoroughly during this step.

3) Exfoliate (1–2 time per week)

Exfoliating once or twice a week takes care of dirt and oil build up, reduces dullness, and gets rid of dead skin cell. All this promotes healthy cell turnover. Face scrubs gently buff away dead skin. When using a scrub, focus your exfoliating on areas with blackheads or flakiness. Concentrate on the nose and cheeks, since these are where clogged pores tend to crop up the most.

4) Tone

This step has tons of benefits for your skin, including balancing your skin’s pH levels.  If your skin is in the good shape it can more readily absorb serums and moisturizers. Packed with wonderful ingredients like fruit and flower extracts, toner helps to restore your skin after cleansing, and provides the nourishment your complexion needs to look fresh.

5) Apply Serums

Serums are full of powerful and good ingredients. Apply them so your skin can really soak up the all the benefits. It’s important to pat serums into your skin so they can penetrate and absorb. Apply formulas with thinner consistencies first, then apply thicker treatments over them.

6) Tap on Eye Cream

The under-eye area is the most delicate part of your complexion It also is the first to show signs of aging. This is why it gets its own  step in your regimen. Gently tap on eye cream with your ring finger to keep the area smooth and bright.

7) Moisturize

Next, you will smooth on a moisturizer or night cream to give your skin a drink of water. If you are prone to oily skin and pimples, moisturizers are especially important for you. Dry skin can cause your oil glands to go into overdrive, which causes more oil and blemishes.

8) Protect

You should not skip this step. If you’re heading out into the sun, or even just, don’t forget your sunscreen. Daily use of at least a 30 SPF sunscreen can reduce the appearance of skin aging. It is one of the very best anti-aging treatments there is. It will also protect your skin from damaging UV rays of the sun that can cause many skin problems including skin cancer.

It can be challenging to find the products that will work well with your skin type or to determine how to improve on your current routine.  Fortunately, we have Licensed Medical Aestheticians that will consult with you.  They will be able to advise you of what products will work best for your skin type. Make your appointment today.