Collagen Induction – Skin Rejuvination – Scar Treatment


One of the main benefits of microneedling is its ability to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin. It is key to new, youthful looking skin. The procedure is a powerful way to stop aging, and to prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Microneedling triggers the generation of new skin cells. In just a few sessions you will notice the reduction fine lines, crow’s feet, and deep wrinkles. Utilizing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, the results are very natural. There is minimal downtime. It is often recommended as maintenance for those who are trying to stave off the signs of aging.

Our 3 Stage Process

Create Micro-Channels

Precision micro-needles are tapped into your skin to create uniform micro-channels.
A single pass over the face using the ProCell system will create hundreds of thousands of micro-channels.

Stimulation of a
Healing Response

Each micro-channel is surrounded by healthy tissue. This enhances your healing process. In response to each micro-injury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen.

Smoothing of Skin

Over time, the repeated healing process will build new collagen, creating healthier skin, improving the surface texture and the overall appearance of your skin.

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