A rash is an inflammatory condition of the skin, and there are various terms to describe skin rashes. First, a primary, frequent feature is identified. Then, the configuration of your rash is described using adjectives such as “circular,” “ring-shaped,” “linear,” and “snake-like.” Other characteristics of yout rash that are noted include density, color, size, consistency, tenderness, shape, and temperature. Finally, the distribution of it on your body can be very useful in diagnosis. Because, many skin diseases have a predilection that appears in certain body areas.

Certain findings may be a very dramatic component of the skin disorder. They may be of limited value though in producing an accurate diagnosis. This includes findings such as ulcers, scaling, and scabbing used to develop a list of possible diagnosise. Specific laboratory tests, procedures and treatments can be conducted to identify the cause and help combat symptoms of a particular rash.