Xtrac Phototherapy for Psoriasis

XTRAC treatment uses ultraviolet light to reduce the appearance of large patches of psoriasis outbreaks.  Approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, the XTRAC laser has been used to treat many forms of psoriasis.  XTRAC treatment takes phototherapy to the next level with precise, targeted therapy that produces rapid results by using a highly concentrated form of ultraviolet-B (UVB) light that attacks the overproduction of DNA T-cells.  When you have psoriasis, your body overproduces T-cells, triggering the development of plaques.  By breaking up these T-cells, the laser shortens the duration of each psoriasis outbreak. This treatment can significantly clear large patches of psoriasis.

XTRAC -Laser Phototherapy-Fort MyersThe procedure is quick, simple, painless, and cost effective. The psoriasis plaques are exposed to the UVB light that is emitted by the laser for a few seconds. And then, this process is repeated twice a week until the plaques resolve. Each treatment session takes only a few minutes, and there are no messy creams or ointments, pills or injections. The process is extremely safe, with the worst side effect being a bit of a “sunburn”.  Most patients experience no side effects at all.

XTRAC can also treat vitiligo; a skin condition which destroys skin pigment cells, causing white patches on the skin.


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